Important One Liner Question & Answer

  • In BSBDA (Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account) the balance at any point of time does not exceed rupees.-
:- Rs. 50,000/-.

  • In BSBDA (Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account) the credits in a financial year does not exceed rupees.-
:- Rs. 1 lakh.

  • In BSBDA (Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account) the withdrawals and transfers in a month does not exceed rupees.-
:- Rs. 10,000/-.

  • In CBS, C stands for.-
:- Core.

  • In CRAR, A stands for.-
:- Assets (Capital to Risk Weighted Assets Ratio).

  • In India, one- rupee coins are issued by.-
:- Govt. of India.

  • In what denominations Commercial Paper (CP) can be issued.?
:- Rs. 5 lakh.

  • In which of the following fund transfer mechanisms,can funds be moved from one bank to another and where the transaction is settled instantly without being bunched with any other transaction.?
:- RTGS.

  • Increased interest rates, as is existing in the economy at present will.-
:- Mean higher
cost of raw materials.

  • Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana' is a Scheme for.-
:- Financial inclusion.

  • Prime Lending Rate is replaced by.-
:- Base rate.

  • Purpose of starting Minor account for 10 years children.-
:- Financial inclusion.

  • Exchange of cash flow in different currency is known as.-
:- Currency Swap.

  • Expand ASBA.-
:- Application Supported by Blocked Amount.

  • Fastest mode of transaction.-
:- RTGS.

  • First Indian Bank to introduce credit card.-
:- Central Bank of India.

  • Fixed Deposit (FD)Account may be opened for a minimum period of.-
:- 7 days.

  • Fixed deposits and recurring deposits are.-
:- Repayable after an agreed period.

  • Forward Market Commission merge with.-
:- SEBI.

  • Full form IFSC.-
:- Indian Financial System Code.

  • Full form of CASA.-
:- Current Account Saving Account.

  • Full form of CVV.-
:- Card Verification Value.

  • Full form of EFT.-
:- Electronic Fund Transfer.

  • Full form of REIT.-
:- Real State Investment Trust.

  • How much amount of money can RBI lend to a bank.?
:- 2% of NDTL.

  • How much amount RBI allows in 'Tap and pay'transactions without PIN.?
:- Rs. 2000/-.

  • How much fee charged to file a complaint under Banking Ombudsman.?
:- Banking Ombudsman does not charge any fee.

  • How much overdraft facility to be provided in 'Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana' scheme.?
:- Rs. 5,000/-.

  • If a cheque is postdated, the bank on which it is drawn.?
:- will not honour the cheque before the date of the cheque.

  • If any customer is not satisfied by the decision of Banking Ombudsman, customer can appeal against the award before the appellate authority within how many days from the date of receipt.?
:- 30 days.

  • If RBI reduces CRR, what happens.-
:- Credit Supply increases, loans get cheaper.

  • IFRS full form.-
:- International Financial Reporting Standards

  • IFSC code consists of _____ alpha numeric code.-
:- 11 digits (The IFSC is an 11 digit alpha numeric code, with the first four digits identifying the bank, fifth is numeric(kept
0) and the last six digits represent the bank branch.)
  • IMPS - Immediate Payment Service is an interbank electronic instant mobile money transfer service through mobile phones in India, the facility is provided by.-

(National Payment Corporation of India)

  • In a bank, which of the following are the usual types of accounts.?
:- Current accounts, Savings bank accounts and Term deposit accounts

  • In banking business, when the borrowers avail a term Loan, initially they are given a repayment holiday and this is referred as.-
:- Moratorium.

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