Current Affairs 3rd August 2015

  • Who has won the squash title in Victorian Open WSA - Joshna Chinappa

 women’s squash title in 15000 US Dollar Victorian Open WSA Event in Melbourne, Australia was won by Indian champion Joshna Chinappa. Line Hansen of Denmark was defeated by Chinappa in the final clash.
With this win, 28-year-old Joshna has won her tenth WSA title.
On the other hand, Ryan Cuskelly of Australia has won the men's title by defeating Greg Lobban of Scotland.

  • Which country is expected to produce at least dozen billionaires among start-ups by 2020 - India
 in a study on Start-Ups released by ASSOCHAM (Associated Chamber of Commerce Industries) it was stated that India is expected to produce at least a score of billionaires and many times millionaires among the start-ups in the upcoming next five years.
E-commerce, financial services and other technology driven fields generating the maximum interest will produce these billionaires and millionaires.
Among the top Asian start-ups India will be there along with the South East countries and Chinese.
Main points of the study
  • Areas of e-commerce, music-entertainment, payment gate-ways and city transport aggregators like radio taxis are expected t have maximum value creation. Already some level of maturity has been gained by the travel arena especially in the ticketing and booking.
  • A good amount of volume is generated by Online food orders and cinema ticketing.
  • E-coaching, medical consultations and social networking in the cities are some of the untapped areas for online business whereas in the rural landscape, state sector will led the initiative.
  • Which system has been enhanced by NASA to avoid traffic jams between satellites orbiting Mars - Collision-avoidance system

,enhanced collision-avoidance system to ensure that Mars orbiters do not approach each other too closely was boosted up by NASA. The collision system includes process of maneuver planning, traffic monitoring and communication.
After the summation of two new spacecraft, namely India's Mars Orbiter Mission (Mangalyaan) and NASA's Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) to orbit the Mars has gone up to five, NASA has taken this step.
The approx location of NASA's Mars Global Surveyor, that is no longer working will also be tracked by this system. It is part of NASA's Multi-Mission Automated Deep-Space Conjunction Assessment Process.
Odyssey, MRO and MAVEN -- together with NASA's two active Mars rovers, Opportunity and Curiosity -- are part of NASA's robotic exploration of Mars that is preparing the way for human-crewed missions there in the 2030s and later, in NASA's Journey to Mars strategy.
The communication and tracking services of NASA's Deep Space Network, which is managed at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) is used by all five active Mars orbiters. This brings trajectory information together, and engineers can run computer projections of future trajectories out to a few weeks ahead for comparisons.

  • Adoption of Children 2015 guidelines came into effect

 “Guidelines Governing Adoption of Children 2015” came into effect after it was notified by Union Government.
Effective regulation for adoption of orphan, abandoned and surrendered children and to bring more transparency and efficiency in the adoption system is the main motive of the newly introduced guidelines.
Prospective Adoptive Parents (PAPs) will be able to track the status of their application with the effect of these new guidelines.
CARINGS (Child Adoption Resource Information & Guidance System) which is the fully reconditioned IT application for the purpose of adoption of children has also become operational.
Following features will be facilitated by CARINGS :
  • From nowonwards, parents can register themselves online and upload the relevant documents to determine their eligibility.
  • Adoption agencies will conduct and upload the home study reports online.
  • CARINGS will accept all the applications online and requisite documents need to be uploaded in the system in cases of inter-country adoption.
  • Both in domestic and in international adoption, Post-adoption follow-up shall be posted online in CARINGS.
  • For in-country and inter-country adoption, all Specialised Adoption Agencies are connected to CARA online.
  • Information will be provided online in the real-time about the availability of children in adoption agencies across the nation.
  • For monitoring adoption programme at the district level, District Child Protection Units (DCPUs) are connected in CARINGS.