Important Current Affairs Questions for SBI PO 2015

1. Which one of the following is not regulator(Options - RBI,SEBI,CERN,IRDA) ? - CERN

2. Rohan Bopanna related to which sport ? - Tennis

3. Which line divides America and Canada- ? 49th parallel

4. What is the nick name of Korea ? - Land of morning calm

5. 2014 is recognised as completion of 100 years of which war ? - World War - I

6. Angela Merkel is related to which country ? - Germany

7. Who is the chairman of committee related to Gas pricing ? -Vijay Kelkar

8. What is the expanded form of PLO - Palestine liberation organization

9. African union is fighting with which terrorist organisation ?- Boko haram

10. Donna Trott has authored the book titled as ? - The goldfinch

11. What is the range of Bramhos missile ? - 290Km12. Currency of Bhutan? - Ngultrum

13. New Governor of Haryana ? - Kaptan Singh Solanki

14. Jarawa tribe belongs to ? - Andaman and Nicobar islands

15. Who is the Minister of state for IT & Broadcasting? - Prakash Javdekar

16. What is the Literacy rate of Bihar according to 2011 census? - 63.82%

17. Mary kom movie produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali is written by : Saiwyn Quadras

18. Currency of Sri lanka ? - Sri Lanka Rupee19. Capital of Kuwait ?- Kuwait city

20. Power, Coal and renewable energies minister in the current government ? - Piyush Goyal

21. Currency of Vatican City ? - Euro

22. Gagan Narang won medal in Commonwealth in which shooting event? - 50 m air rifle event

23. What are the number of Nationalized Banks in India after nationalization of BMB? - 21

24. Davis Cup related to which sport ?- Lawn Tennis

25. Which country topped CWG 2014 Medal tally ? - England

26. New Deputy Governer of RBI S S Mundra replaced whom ? - K C Chakraborty

27. Which among the following is a banking term ? - CRR

28. Which of the following is an Indirect Tax ? - Service Tax

29. Controller of Mutual Fund ? - SEBI

30. Full form of CFL? - Compact fluorescent lamp

31. Cerebral hemorrhage caused by deficiency of which vitamin? - Vitamin K

32. Capital of Sierra Leon? - Freetown

33. Minister of Parliament Affairs: Venkaiah Naidu

34. Hepatitis day: 28 July35. 17th NAM Summit will be held in: Venezuela

36. In Common wealth Games 2014 Abhinav Bindra won gold for: 10m rifle shooting

37. Capital of Iraq: Baghdad

38. Capital of Bhutan: Thimpu

39. Currency of Vatican City: Euro

40. A book on Vijay Malaya is authored by: K. Giriprakash

41. RBI governor replaced whom: D Subba Rao

42. Khushwant Singh is: a novelist, journalist

43. Which scheme is for slum people: Indira Awas Yojna

44. Minister of Information & Broadcasting, environment, forest: Prakash Javadekar

45. Banking is defined under which act: Banking Regulation Act, 1949

46. ICC trophy is related to? Cricket

47. Capital of Zimbabwe? Harare

48. Currency of Myanmar? – Kyat

49. Author of the book titled 'What young India wants'? - Chetan Bhagat

50. World environment day? - 5th June

current affairs 1 June 2015

India and Bangladesh  approved Coastal and Maritime Shipping agreement.

  • The government of India has given its approval to the agreement on coastal shipping between India and Bangladesh to carry out coastal movement of goods between the two countries.
  • Exim trade between India and Bangladesh would be benefited by way of reduction in freight charges, an official statement said.

George Yeo has been appointed as Chancellor of Nalanda University.

  • Former foreign minister of Singapore George Yeo will replace Amartya Sen as the next chancellor of Nalanda University. 
  • Sen quit in a huff earlier this year, blaming it on the delay in approval to his second stint.
  • Yeo (60), who was conferred Padma Bhushan in 2012, is currently serving as a member of the governing board of the prestigious university.

Muhammadu Buhari became the President of Nigeria.

  • Muhammadu Buhari, a retired general who ruled the country back in the '80s after a military coup, was sworn in as president of Nigeria on Friday.
  • "He defeated Mr Jonathan - who had been in office since 2010 - by 15.4 million votes to 12.9 million.

New operational service tax is - 14 percent

  • Previously it was 12.36%
  • Doris Hart passed away.
  • He was American tennis champion who won three Wimbledon titles in one day

Book title "The China Model" is written by - Daniel A Bell

Jyoti Prasad Rajkhowa has been sworned in as new Governor of Arunachal Pradesh.

  • He is 1968-batch IAS officer has served as the chief secretary of Assam before his superannuation from service.
  • Rajkhowa will take over from his duties from Lt. Gen Nirbhay Sharma, who has been shifted to Mizoram.
  • Cricketers Sachin Tendulkar, Saurav Ganguly, VVS Laxman were inducted into - BCCI Cricket Advisory Committee.

China unveiled world's first facial recognition ATM machine

  • Highlights of the ATM Machine
  • The machine is a combination of high speed ban-knote handling, improved counterfeit-bill recognition and face recognition.
  • It has a camera installed in it that captures the facial features of the user and then compares it with a database of identification photos.
  • It looks at the biological features and can identify people even if their facial features have changed.
  • It will help in preventing thieves from accessing other people's accounts as the ATM records the serial number of every bank note deposited.
  • The machine is 20 percent more accurate at verifying the authenticity of multiple currencies compared with the average ATM used globally.